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3 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Personal Trainer

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If you want to get the body of your dreams, then one should pay special attention to your dietary habits and exercise routine! Simple as that! Now, if you can’t get there on your own, then it would be very wise to have someone help you on your journey, possible a personal trainer South Yarra to keep you accountable to your goal.


An experienced personal trainer can help you set and realise your health goals; they’ll design a tailored program to your body type and posture, that’ll cover your workout and nutritional requirements. They’ll help you to increase your knowledge in all pivotal areas to succeed with your goal however, before you connect with a professional, you are recommended to consider 3 important points that are instrumental in achieving success. Here are our tips & take ways –

Hiring the Best Personal Trainer


  • Check Their Training Approach- The most important thing to pay attention to before signing on the dotted line, is checking the trainer’s approach towards their clients. Make sure that your would-be trainer has a personal training South Yarra approach that suits your preference. See if a softer push will work for you or you need a hard ass trainer to focus on your path, and then make a decision.


  • See If you and your trainer sync together, so you can both have positive and rewarding training sessions. Hiring a trainer that matches your vibe is a must. You two should click together so that you can be on the same wavelength and mutually work towards your overall health and fitness objective.


  • Do Make Sure that your Trainer is Experienced – A personal trainer with a wealth of experience can devise for you tried and tested strategies, that bring faster and sustainable results. Their industry exposure would help you in a number of ways and you’ll be glad that you chose them.


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Reach New Levels of Fitness- Hire the Best Personal Trainer South Yarra

personal trainer South Yarra

The feeling of well-being is a feeling to treasure! When you know that you are physically fit and mentally alert, you feel confident and tackle life fiercely. But this present lifestyle is consuming all the vigour of individuals! People spend a major portion of their time before their computer desks, munching junk food and cussing their employers. Stress often takes a toll, and they feel exhausted and get completely fed up with their monotonous routine. If you too are affected by the sedentary lifestyle, then do yourself a favour and start your personal training in South Yarra.

Personal Training- A Kick-start to Healthy Life

All those people who are keen to live a long and fulfilling life should certainly consider hiring a personal trainer in South Yarra. These professionals know how to help individuals ditch their unhealthy lifestyle and steer them to the road of well-being. They will consider your overall health profile, pay attention to your personal health goals and help you move forward rapidly in your training sessions. Not only will they teach you how to perform exercises safely to gain maximal benefits, but also provide you all the support and encouragement needed to attain your fitness goals.

Furthermore, a personal trainer can also guide you to healthy eating habits. Assist you in achieving your ideal weight or aid your weight-loss journey. Personal trainers can provide beneficial nutritional tips that do wonders.

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Specialised Personal Training at Sports Optimum


There are numerous personal trainers and personal training businesses in South Yarra that can help you lose that spare tyre you’re carrying around your mid-section or around your backside or even make your legs look a little sexier in that evening dress (maybe not if you’re male though! Haha)! However, if you’ve had a lower back disc injury, a knee reconstruction or you’re suffering with a shoulder or neck injury, you would probably want to have a personal trainer that has that extra specialised knowledge, that could actually help you with your injuries and that’s why you must go and see Sports Optimum in South Yarra.

Sports Optimum offers a very personalised and specialised service that can specifically accommodate for your injuries and posture type. You just don’t want to be putting your body into the trust of a personal trainer that has done an 8 week or 12 week course or someone who just simply hasn’t got the knowledge, especially if you need that extra attention, because they are just not capable of understanding from a safety point of view what you need and more importantly what you don’t need in your training.

Sports Optimum’s personal training in South Yarra can develop a program to your specific needs that can strengthen your specific body weaknesses. We can also assess your posture type and be able to specifically tell you how to better train to improve that posture type, which in turn will have a positive effect on your injuries.

If you’re the kind of person that wants that extra attention and knowledge with your current and past injuries that can keep you moving forward even when you’ve been nailed down with injuries when using a personal trainer, then Sports Optimum personal training is for you!

Sports Optimum personal training in South Yarra can keep you moving forward at a faster speed, so why not get that extra individualised attention that your body needs? Your body will definitely thank you later.



personal trainer South Yarra


Hi my name is Marlon Walker and I am a personal trainer at Sports Optimum in South Yarra. There are many benefits from having regular weekly personal training. For one, having your own personal trainer is going to push you along to achieve a goal, whatever that might be. Maybe you might not of even had one, however with a good personal trainer in your corner, you would definitely have a goal. Having a goal is purely individual and will of course be different for each and every person.

Goal setting in any field when you’re working hard to achieve a desired result is a necessity and helps motivate and push you further than your willing to go. If you didn’t have something to aim for, then you could quite possibly lack the motivation to put in the time and effort needed to achieve your best result.

When thinking of a goal, you have to remember a goal is not a need, as there is no inspiration in a need. However, there is inspiration in want! When choosing your goal you have to pick a goal that you’re emotionally involved in. You should be on fire with your goal; fuelled with your own desire. You should be in love with your goal. The bigger, the better the goal. If there were no limitations whatsoever, what would you want to do? Success in itself is having a worthy goal to strive for.

Having regular personal training, along with having a worthwhile goal will give you laser focus and bring the best out in you, motivating you to push further than you would of, if you were left to just train on your own, with no goal. When you have the right goal you will know and feel good about it! Even though you can’t see the change, you must commit to the change. Remember, “Anything is possible!”

At Sports Optimum in South Yarra when doing personal training, we highly recommend that you have a goal! A goal that you love! A goal that fuels your desire!

Marlon Walker (Personal Trainer)
Sports Optimum