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Hi my name is Marlon Walker, I am owner of Sports Optimum (1995) in South Yarra. I grew up racing motocross and playing football as a kid, and I loved to workout.

I have been around health, fitness, and exercise my entire life. On my journey, I experienced a lot of pain and suffering! I also experienced some major anxiety and panic attacks!  This truly motivated me to want to help make a real difference in people’s lives, who suffered with pain & anxiety too.

Over the years, I loved learning and updating my knowledge! I have a Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Science, majoring in Exercise Science & Nutrition (Deakin Uni), a Diploma of Health Science (Remedial Massage), Certificates in Pilates, Fitness (Cert IV), Advanced Resistance Training, Strength & Conditioning, Myofascial Release, Physiorehab (Shoulder & Knee), Breathwork & Core Clearing Breathwork.

I have a broad knowledge base, helped by completing studies over multiple disciplines. I also competed nationally and internationally in sport and currently run this successful fitness and injury clinic for over 25 years. I find that I can guide my clients very well with their individual needs and help them move forward because I have a great understanding of health, exercise, nutrition, pain, rehabilitation, breathwork. 

Yes, since updating my skills with Breathwork, I have been helping people move forward with major life challenges and guiding them in improving their life in many different areas including:- happiness, energy, love, success, career, habits, time, money, and really helping them find their purpose and do what they love in their life.

This really is an amazing Life Coaching Program using Breathwork that helps you to clear your unconscious blocks (your emotional blocks that you don’t know you have) that stop you from living your best life. I highly recommend this program, if you want to upgrade your life. If you like you could call and chat with me or book in now for a “FREE 30 MIN DISCOVERY SESSION” to see if I can help you with your major life challenges!



Then book in here now for a “FREE 30 MIN DISCOVERY SESSION with no obligation to go further, IT’S FREE!

Check out some of my testimonials below.

Yours in health,

Marlon Walker Sports Optimum


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Nidhi Shukla 16.12.22

"Marlon is absolutely amazing coach with some great knowledge and experience. He gave me extra extra time on my awareness session to figure out my insights. He was patient with me which I really appreciate. It helped me with my focus, to set some future goals, and a lot more clarity in order to proceed with future endeavours. I wish to continue my sessions with him whenever I can. I highly recommend this :)"

Marijana Rukavina 19.10.22

"Marlon is a fantastic facilitator and I highly recommend Marlon. His passion and expertise shines through in the way he delivers this breathwork. I really enjoyed working with Marlon and got so much out of our sessions. We went deep and I loved the new thought patterns that emerged from our sessions lead by Marlon. Marlon really cares about his clients and follows up to keep you on track. I have to remember to keep practicing :) You are awesome Marlon!"

David Pipczak 15.9.22

"I have to say that Marlon is amazing at what he does and I highly recommend him. Marlon helped me release issues that I had been carrying around for 36 years and without Marlon's help I would have never been able to release it, I now feel happy and free."

Gerry Davey 31.12.21

"I went into the course with very little knowledge of Breathwork but the positive effect it had on me was profound and spoke for itself. Marlon guided me through with empathy, care and professionalism. He went above and beyond, checking in on me whilst I was sick, in between sessions. I highly recommend Marlon as a Breathwork practitioner."

Fiona Judd 23.8.21

"Marlon is dedicated and will work on your individual needs. I highly recommend Sports Optimum. The breath work sessions are amazing and I got great results."

Renee Catt 27.2.21

""This was my introduction to breathwork and I got so so much out of 1 session. Can highly recommend working with Marlon.""

Tina Paua 25.12.20

""I had a wonderful experience with Marlon recently, having a breathwork session. I have over the years, had multiple teams of various medical professions, try to calm me down. To look at the positives in life, and relax me. And not one of them have ever managed. After a short session with Marlon, he managed to work wonders. I was a little uncomfortable at first, but he has a way in making you feel uplifted and relaxed. He leaves you with techniques to use, as well as feeling as light as a feather. Thank you Marlon. You were born for this. You are an amazing soul. Bless you. -Tina ""

Mya Maroun Bellydancer 12.2.20

""Marlon is absolutely brilliant with a unique approach to pain relief through core/emotional clearing! Wow what an experience so much came up that made sense. I've tried everything in the past with little luck of relief, I woke up the next day with the greatest relief in my neck and jaw that has been bothering me for years!!!! Thank you Marlon I have a new appreciation for emotional clearing.""

Leona Irvine 19.6.20

""After putting my back out, helping my friend move house, I came across Marlon on Google whilst in search for a massage therapist. After telling Marlon what my issue was over the phone, despite him being unavailable to assist in person as he was in travelling interstate, he spent over 20 mins on the phone talking me through my pain and helping me to feel better. I could hardly walk before and by the end of the 20 mins, I was in a much better place, walking around my bedroom. Thank you, Marlon for your kindness and invaluable assistance. Looking forward to my first session with you on Monday.""

Elvis Jusic 2.11.19

""Having seen chiros, physios and almost incapacitated with neck pain and immobility, Marlon was able to immediately relieve by about 50% my issues with a program a deep tissue muscular release and when coupled with a movement routine, only a few weeks in, I’m now back to gym and functionally normally...so grateful I found Marlon. Regards Elvis.""

Srinivasa Bhupalan 2.7.19

""Whenever I do bench press, I was getting a strange pain in my left arm triceps area. I stopped doing the bench press and consulted an Osteopathy. It went for almost 4 to 5 sessions but no improvement. I stopped and decided to try Physiotherapy. Again Physiotherapy took some 5 to 6 sessions but there is no improvement. This almost went for more than 4 to 5 months, literally no work outs on my upper body during this period and i was so frustrated. While searching for Remedial massages near my house i came across Marlon's details. He is amazing, he listened to all my earlier stories carefully and identified that it could be due to my posture while doing the work outs. He trained me well in improving my posture and that helped me to get back in to my regular upper body work outs. Thanks for your help Marlon. Really appreciate it.""

Dr Yael Kipen 25.8.18

"Excellent deep tissue massage. Fantastic relief. Marlon really knows what he is doing!"

Tarryn Bennet 31.10.17

"Seriously the BEST deep tissue massage in Melbourne (if not the country!) I have searched far and wide for a massage therapist that can go all out and massage out even the toughest of knots! Marlon, you are a gun! Thank you."

Callum de Raad 26.1.18

"After 3 years of struggling with lower back pain, Marlon is the first person to really help me. He educated me more than any doctor, physiotherapist, chiropractors could. He has given me the tools to manage my pain and understand how the mechanics of the back work to prevent further injury. Would highly recommend him. Cheers, Marlon."

Gabby Vainikka 14.6.18

"Best deep tissue massage hands down that I have ever had. Marlon educated me about what had caused my tension more than a doctor or physio ever has."

Ryan Hanna 23.7.17

"Marlon is extremely professional and very focused on delivery great results. His approach to helping me with my leg injury was brilliant - I couldn't recommend him to others highly enough! I know I will return to him again when I next fall victim to injury from sports."

Mark Dwyer 24.7.17

"I have had regular sessions with Marlon for over a year - always very professional, knowledgeable and focussed. Marlon has a real knack for matching his remedial massage and personal training to deal with specific pain or injury, or to meet specific goals - and with amazing results!"

Trent Alexander 8.12.2015 - 0408 319 607

""Before coming to see Marlon, I'd seen every type of back specialist in Melbourne. The general consensus, either put up with the pain or surgery was the only option. One, one and a half hour session with Marlon and pain free for the first time in years, amazing.""

Brooke Hipworth 6.10.2015 - 0420 906 606

""You are better than the doctor. Thanx so so much for fixing my lower back last week it was the most severe back pain I have ever encountered. Only 24 hours after and I honestly felt like a new woman. Thank you Marlon!""

Dr Brett Archer MB.BS. FRACS. SURGEON. 6.7.2015

""Chronic pain from postural problems is an occupational hazard for surgeons. After about 3 months of weekly Pilates with Marlon, I'm rarely needing pain killers at work. The specifically tailored program has been fantastic!.""

Rita Chiu 4.7.2015 - 0415 049 467

""I have to say Marlon Walker is the best personal trainer, remedial massage therapist I ever met. Without Marlon's professional help and care, I could not have such quick recovery from my "Hip Joint Total Replacement surgery"......Thank you for the tailor made training program for me; which is including physio treatment, personal training, remedial massages and nutrition guide...etc. The program improves my body and I have benefited from both, pyhsically and emotionally. I shall continue the program. No doubt that Marlon Walker is the best PT and remedial message therapist !!! Once again, thank you Marlon.""

Lou Garita 2.7.2015 - 0418 377 833

""I have had a lot of different injuries, but I keep coming back because every time I have an injury, you fix it in one session.""

Steve Rowe 18.6.2015 - 0410 111 662

""Training with Marlon is great. Very knowledgeable and gets great results. I was happy to have lost 7kgs in a short period (11 weeks). I would highly recommend his service.""

Dr. Leanne Worrell – Ferngate Medical Centre 17.9.2014

""This patient had a motor vehicle accident (MVA) in March 2011. She has had persistent neck and thoracic issues. She developed right subacromial bursitis secondary to poor scapular stability and weakness in the mid back. She has had several bursal injections and osteopathy without benefit. We have been considering surgery but fortunately she is now responding to remedial massage combined with strengthening exercises. She has been consulting Mr Marlon Walker for this issue and remains under his care.""

Matt Pinel 2.7.2014 - 0419 383 935

""I had developed very sore calf muscles from years of running without stretching. They were sore to the point where I couldn't run more than 1 kilometre without them being strained or cramping. Since then I've had 4 sessions with Marlon and my calf muscles have never felt better. A combination of treatment by Marlon, rigorous stretching and strengthening exercises got my calves back to 100%. Marlon helped me greatly and I was very impressed with his expertise and overall professionalism. I recommend Marlon to anyone that is having issues with sports injuries." Matt Pinel."

Victoria McKay (v.mckay@hotmail.com) 6.9.2013

"“I injured my lower back 8 years ago, rupturing a couple of discs. I was out of action for a long time. Eventually I found that keeping up the exercise and core strength helped prevent the flare-up's that normally would put me back on bed-rest for weeks at a time. Thirteen months ago I really got into training and running again-until I felt something in my hip 'let go' on a warm down. I didn't think much of it-until the next day. I was diagnosed with a torn IT band which went on to become trochanteric bursitis 6 months ago- the burning pain was with me all the time- sitting, standing, walking and sleeping hurt, which along with a long-term back injury was depressing. Right after the injury I spent literally hundreds of dollars trying to sort the problem-physio, osteo, chiro, acupuncture and clinical pilates. Some of these were successful in easing the acute pain, but only temporarily. I always felt like no one actually got into the area effectively. In the end I gave up trying to sort it. I felt like this was something I would just have to live with. A month ago I decided to start training again-I got two weeks in and the pain was too intense-I had to do something more effective than before if I was to continue. My trainer suggested sports massage, so I jumped on the web and found Marlon. We went through a comprehensive history and he said he'd seen this before and explained the problem and what was contributing to the pain. What surprised me most was the certainty that he could get me right, quickly and effectively. "You'll feel 90% better tomorrow!". I felt 95% better the next day. Marlon was able to intensively and effectively treat the areas that were causing the tightness and pain. By the second day, the burning hip pain and discomfort moving around was all but gone. The tingling toes were gone. I did a full crossfit training session 3 days later and had no pain during or after from the hip and/or leg. It only took one more treatment to balance up the other leg and the pain was gone completely. Two treatments-total! I have been training for four weeks since and not only have I not had any problems from the hip, leg or lower back but the increased mobility I got from the treatment has helped my technique!”"

Nic Gordon (Venue Manager – Imperial Hotel South Yarra +61 3 9810 0070) 14.8.2013

""I’m a 30 year male who had acquired a stiff back over the years of sport and medium to high gym activity. One summer’s day I was walking along the beach in St Kilda when I jumped up on to the footpath just up from the Stoke House trying to chase my son, when I felt a sharp pain shoot up my back, from my legs. The pain was intense and I couldn’t stand up or extend my back and had to lay down straight away. After about 5 minutes I gathered myself together and limped to the car finding it hard to breath. I thought I was stuffed! Sitting down was painful but I could manage driving the car. After multiple pain killers I could just start to function again, but with limited movement and still carrying a limp. I had used chiropractors in the past but I needed relief now and not over 4 x week 2-3 sessions per week with average results. I bumped into Marlon limping down Chapel street when he suggested I come down and be treated. Marlon took one look at my hips and said that’s the problem and away he went, after some intense massage and readjustment I was feeling as good as new. It was amazing the relief and instant improvement. I can't thank Marlon enough for his honest approach to my injury and the speed in which he turned around my condition.""

Sean Tripplet 16.7.2013 - 0413 777 907

""Late in January this year (2013), I hurt my back. I was diagnosed with a prolapsed L3 and L5 disc with disc degeneration also at L4 and L5. I had 5 nights in the Epworth hospital under extreme pain management, as the discs were bulging onto my sciatic and femoral nerves causing excruciating pain. My options were either an operation, or to try and go through the rehabilitation process. I chose the latter. Starting with physiotherapy and swimming, my doctor recommended deep tissue massage and that is where Marlon fixed me and got me active again. When I first went to Marlon, the nerve pain was killing me. I had a totally numb knee from the nerves, and a limp with no power in my left leg. I was walking like an 80 year old man, not like a 42 year old active guy. I saw Marlon once a week for 6 weeks, and after 6 weeks of Marlon's deep tissue massage, swimming and yoga, my pain in my knee and back had gone, the numb knee had subsided, my power in my leg had come back and my muscles in my back and leg had started to strengthen and work again. Marlon was able to get the strength and flexibility back into all the muscles around my back injury. I would recommend Marlon for any type of injury, pain management or health and well-being. He knows exactly what you are going through and gets to the bottom of the issue, which results in instant results. Absolutely awesome!""

Fred (Bear) Damico 28.8.2012

""Before Sports Optimum I had a pain in the side of my lower leg for over 5 years; I thought I couldn't get rid of it because of my back, however it's now gone, thank you Sports Optimum!""

Christine Turner 1.5.2012

""Marlon has trained me for the last 8 years, incorporating a program of flexibility, meditation and massage which can be practiced at anytime. These techniques have helped me maintain a pain and stress free mind and body.""

Fabio Pieramati 14.6.2012

""When I first went to Marlon at Sports Optimum I was a severly anxious person. My training sessions have given me the confidence to create a better self. I have been training now for 18 months and have put on 14 kg.""

Adam Nevzat 9.10.2008 - 0419 0419 05

""I had been diagnosed from my GP that I had Carpel Tunnel Syndrome which left me with 2 fingers and a thumb completely numb for 6 months.My wrist and hand throbbed at night and continually woke me up. My GP told me cortisone may help and if it didn't I would need to have an operation on my wrist to relieve my symptoms. That's when I contacted Marlon and asked him his advice. In my mind I was convinced I was having surgery. Marlon told me that I should try remedial massage therapy and that it may not even be an issue of the wrist. After having my first remedial massage session I had instant relief. I immediately realized after that my pain had nothing to do with my wrist as it was being referred from the extremely tight muscles in my upper forearm. I followed this up with another session within 2 days and had all my pain completely relieved after 2 sessions! Amazing, as I thought I was going to have an operation! Thank you Marlon for saving me from surgery!""

James Archer 2.4.2008

""Just a short message to say, thank you, thank you, thank you! My back feels so much better, I can't believe it. Obviously I need to stretch before swimming more often. You're a legend! Lol. Anyway thanks again dude. Cheers, James.""

Leah Aanensen 11.2.2004

""Marlon, just a short note to say thank you for the treatments I've received from you over the last 6 months or so. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue in 1996. I tried everything from medication to dietary supplements. On the rare occasions I had the stamina to attempt to exercise, it would more often than not leave me completely drained and unable to think clearly. After coming to you for a regular remedial massage every 3 weeks for the last 6 months of 2003 I am confident to say I seem to have totally come through the CFS. I think only a Chronic Fatigue sufferer can understand what it means to have that total dragging weariness, that is with you 24 hours a day, lifted. And I am stronger, healthier, fitter and much more positive.""

Dr Mitchell – Olympic Park Sports Medicine 20.11.1999

""She gives a history of 10 years of left shoulder pain on and off, for which she has had numerous treatments including chiropractic and physio, but the only thing that has made any major difference has been the work done by yourself.""

Graeme De Goldi (Director) – Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy 12.7.1999

""Marlon, I would like to take this opportunity to write to you on behalf of the Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy to congratulate you on your effort in the Sports Massage part A component of the Diploma Course. I was very pleased with your approach to this subject and the mark you received. You certainly displayed some of the qualities that I view as important in your development as a professional remedial massage therapist. Efforts such as this make the Institute a better place for all of us to work and learn in.""


Dr Mitchell - Olympic Park Sports Medicine

"She gives a history of 10 years of left shoulder pain on and off, for which she has had numerous treatments including chiropractic and physio, but the only thing that has made any major difference has been the work done by yourself."