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Initial Assessment

The initial assessment has always been an essential part of a fitness program; it can be considered a pre-requisite when starting a training program. It helps identify health conditions and risk factors that may need to first undergo medical evaluation before initiating an exercise program. It also helps detect signs and symptoms suggestive of cardiovascular, pulmonary, and/or metabolic disease. While exercise and physical activity promote numerous physiological, psychological, and emotional benefits, there are some risks that need to be assessed.

An assessment helps identify your goals and leads you on your path to success. At an early stage of a fitness program, motivation plays a key role, as it pushes you to achieve, set health goals, in a given time.

An initial assessment is a valuable tool when embarking on a training program. Without a reliable assessment, it may be hard to gauge where your fitness levels are at. An assessment helps to find out exactly what aspects of your physical fitness need attention. You may be a specific posture type and certain exercises may exaggerate your postural faults and cause injury.

You may be doing MORE HARM than GOOD with your existing training program because bad posture and poor body mechanics cause pain. It’s a fact! Therefore, it is always advised to have an initial assessment and find the right program for you and your posture type.

It is essential that you make a goal when seeking some sort of result; without a goal, your motivation diminishes and you lose direction, so it is advisable that you decide on a worthwhile goal and get the right advice on how to get there!



Dr Mitchell - Olympic Park Sports Medicine

"She gives a history of 10 years of left shoulder pain on and off, for which she has had numerous treatments including chiropractic and physio, but the only thing that has made any major difference has been the work done by yourself."